Ultra Nourishing Oil


  • Wish you could discover an oasis for your hair? Cloud 10’s Ultra Nourishing Oil revitalizes thirsty hair. Plus, it helps fight the frizz and restore damaged hair by adding moisture and weightless shine. Your hair will thank you for it!

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Revive & Protect Mist


  • Craving that extra afternoon coffee or chocolate bar? We've all had those times when we need a little boost. Our Revive & Protect Mist is the perfect extra boost for your hair. This weightless, leave-in (yes, leave it in!) detangler produces silky soft, manageable hair, and even refreshes between washes. It helps to lock in color, while protecting against heat styling and the environment. Better than chocolate? We'll let you be the judge.

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Glossing Mist


  • The glow. Every girl strives for it. When the glow is gone, nothing seems right. Count on our Glossing Mist to provide pure shine with a gloss finish. It smoothes, minimizes frizz and adds moisture and vitality to lifeless hair. The ultra-lightweight mist spray leaves hair feeling silky soft without weighing you down, so you can glow-about-town!

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Leave-In Curl Conditioner


  • Curls. When they are good, they are very, very good, and when they are bad, well, they're just really bad! Our lightweight Leave-in Curl Conditioner is here to keep those curls in line by increasing elasticity and definition, taming frizz, adding moisture and shine, smoothing and softening. It even protects against root breakage, helps to repair damaged hair and improves scalp health! Easy to use and great for blow drying, it's the best way to have a love-love relationship with your curls.

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Volumizing Spray


  • Sorry, we can't hear you over the volume of our hair! Say goodbye to fine, limp hair and hello to smooth, frizz-free hair with healthy shine. Not only does our Volumizing Spray boost the volume, it boosts the compliments, too!

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Surf Spray


  • We've all had the urge to pack it up and run away to a tropical island. But even if you can’t go on vacation, your hair can! Our Surf Spray delivers natural, beachy waves. You'll get great texture and hold with a full matte finish. More volume! More body! More definition! Less frizz and flyaways! It's the next best thing to being there.

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