Cloud 10 Hair is the best resource for all things hair and beauty

Why do we care?

Ever since we started in 2009 Cloud 10 Hair has been the go-to place for all things fashion. Driven by passion, our team of passionate editors has delivered a wide range of inspirational looks and colors to your screens.

Whether you want to learn about the trendiest haircuts and colors or simply look for new ideas, our mission is simple – to inspire and empower individuality. Every week, our experts share valuable hair and beauty tips that will help you pierce new fashion heights.

Cloud 10 Hair is the best resource for all things hair and beauty

Change always leads to opportunity, and what better way to start creating new possibilities than with a fresh new look. That is our motto! We believe that a small hairstyle change, much like a complete overhaul of your wardrobe, can lead you to success.

In the age of social media, online magazines, and fashion forums, everyone has access to the latest beauty trends. But over-abundance of information can be overwhelming, which is why our website focuses on the very best.

That’s right, with our resource, you’ll find the latest say in hairstyles, looks, and everything in between. Our professionals scout the web, dissect fashion magazines and extract beauty tips from personal experiences that will help you reflect culture, sexuality, race, and even politics. We want you to fulfill your desires, so we constantly provide a wide range of tutorials, tips, and beauty products reviews.

So why do we care?

…because fashion should be accessible to everyone.

It can be hard (and not always feasible) to learn everything there is to a product, let alone test it. This is why our experts spend countless hours talking with brand founders, board-certified physicians, and trend analysts to discover products that will help you achieve desirable results.

At Cloud 10 Hair, everyone is welcome and represented, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or budget. By visiting our website, you can count to see:

  • A variety of fresh and stylish looks;
  • Hairstyles and looks for different face shapes;
  • Tips on how to look more elegant, laid-back, younger, or mature;
  • Fashion blogs and runway-inspired hair trends;
  • Beauty care tips and hacks for limited time or budget;
  • Fashion and haircare inspirations beyond the basics;

and more!

We’re grateful and humbled to reach over a million people every month, and we sincerely appreciate your feedback. We hope our expertise and tips will help you feel inspired, joyful, comfortable, and confident.